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Our professionals are dedicated to the research and growth of innovative software based approaches to risk, security, and compliance metrics. So, we proudly present the first operational Risk Warehouse™ database resulting from our patent pending framework Information Security Model®.

Cutting edge function meets intuitive utility. At the heart of our Risk Cube® lies a powerful, versatile engine developed by our team of creative thinkers and seasoned specialists. Reinventing and surpassing current practices, it’s a giant leap for today’s field of risk, security, and compliance.

Scienton has demonstrated ingenuity and proficiency in security/risk management for over a decade. As an Ontario Government VOR since 2000 and the 1st North American ISO17799 associate consultancy accredited by the British Standards Institute, you know your business is in trusted hands.


Risk Cube®: The First Operational Risk Warehouse™

The Risk Cube® is a new structured, standardized and repeatable approach to risk and compliance metrics. Its data aggregation capabilities enable constant collection of risk and compliance data with automated reporting. Risk Cube® also has a built in feature for storing historical risk and compliance data and the capability of conducting predictive analysis.

With absolute ease, professionals will be able to assess their clients’ environments for:

  • ISO17799/ISO27001 Security Management System
  • Cobit® Audit framework
  • PCI compliance

On-Line Compliance Metrics Managed Service

The Risk Cube® managed service positions small businesses to compete with large business by demonstrating unprecedented risk and compliance metrics by creating its own risk and compliance metrics picture. This enables small businesses to demonstrate superior compliance and risk based decision making when working with Fortune 2000 companies.

Personal Edition

This all-in-one software tool enables professional auditors and consultants to efficiently conduct assessments of enterprise risk and compliance metrics.

Enterprise Risk Warehouse™

Where other software vendors simply demonstrate legislation compliance for a specific area of expertise such as CISCO for networks, or SAP for ERP applications, Risk Cube® provides a measure by setting a standardized baseline, and using its unique holistic approach, integrating different corporate compliance data to provide for metrics and warehousing. Risk Cube® creates a centralized Risk Warehouse™ database by structuring business process, operation, network, application, external, and other risk and compliance data provided by many vendors. Start your risk and compliance with Risk Cube® defined structured metrics and use our centralized and repeatable approach to start building your own Risk Warehouse™.


Structured and Consistent Baseline for Risk & Security Metrics

Business Risk – Risk Cube® based

  • Basel II – Operation AMA Risk Quantification
  • Sarbanes-Oxley & OSC Docs 52-107 to 52-111 (Bill C198) Compliance Metrics
  • PHIPA Compliance Assessment
  • Incident Response and Forensic Process Development

Information Governance Services – Information Security Model® based

  • Cobit® Information Governance Assessment
  • Security Management Scoping (based on ISO17799)
  • Information Governance Implementation
    (ISO17799/BS7799-2:2002 & ITIL/ITSM)

Enterprise Security Management

  • Virtual Penetration Testing
  • Firewall Internals Assessment
  • Unified Identity Management
  • Application and Document Protection
  • Audit/Trace Log Consolidation and Analysis
  • Security Management Consolidation

Risk Cube® implementation services

  • Preparation of the project, asset classifications and review of corporate culture for risks, compliance and security
  • Risk Cube® Software installation, deployment
  • Risk Cube® software education and management


Smart Risk and Security Metrics, Modeling and Management

We’re passionate about the development and maintenance of innovative and smart software solutions for managing governance and risk metrics and modeling. Most threat and privacy analysis tools which are used to manage corporate risks generate enormous amounts of unstructured data that is difficult to comprehend and use. This is where Scienton makes its most significant contribution.

We’re continually using our industry research and professional consulting experience to provide our customers with the most efficient and reliable software to structure and analyze data input and measure risk of their corporate operations.  Consistent, repeatable — both visually appealing and painless to employ — better audits let you better secure your assets.

Our Solution

Our flagship product Risk Cube® delivers a unique new framework of structured, consistent, and repeatable management of governance, risk and compliance metrics and modeling to companies around the world.  It is protected with two pending patents and four trademarks.

Our Community

In pursuit of research and development and in effort to contribute to the risk and security community, Scienton established and sponsored the Canadian ISO17799 User Group in 2007. This group has become an industry renown forum for idea exchange and discussion on the subject of standards.

Our Certifications

  • ISO17799 Information Security Lead Auditor
  • ISO17799:2 Information Security Management
    System Implementor
  • CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional)
  • MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer)
  • Sun Solaris Certificate
  • HP UNIX Certificate
  • IBM AIX SA & SP certificates
  • MCSD (Microsoft Certified Software
  • IBM Firewall
  • Axent – Raptor Firewall (Certified Internet
    Firewall Solution Consultant)
  • Redwood
  • Security Dynamics Secure ID
  • CISCO (CCNS, CCNP) & Nortel Networks
  • Sun Certified Java Programmer SDK 1.6
  • CLP (Certified Lotus Notes Professional)
  • Checkpoint CCSA & CCSE


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